Partner fee:
15 USD
(11 EUR)

Japan to Sweden:
0,026 EUR/gram
0.037 USD/gram

Freight to EU
Up to 3kg:
45 EUR
Up to 5kg:
55 EUR

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- Easy as 1, 2, 3... -

Let's buy arcadegames together!!

By shopping together we get lower prices, keep freight charges down and we can help each other with compability issues and other to make smoother deals.
There will always be bargains in Japandeal, both for the picky collector and for those looking for cheapest possible games (often for just a few dollars).

We buy the games from a nice guy in Japan, called "Hiro". He works for a large company dealing with amusementmachines, mostly around Tokyo.

For the work spent in the deal I (Johan) charge, as dealmaster, a small fee of currently 17 USD (12 EUR) per participating partner. No matter your order size. This compensation is to cover my work, petrol money and packing material etc.

It's easy as 1-2-3 to participate. Please read the rules below before you attend.

1. The game list
Almost every month we get a new gamelist from Hiro in Japan.
This usually arrives on a friday in the middle of the month, and is made public at 21.00 GMT+1. Click on the "THE LIST" link in the right menu to find it.

Read through the game list and plan your order.
Please send the order to the dealmaster, Johan, either in the JD forum thread at Arkadtorget, Killercabs or Arcade Otaku - or directly in an email or PM on those forums.
To make sure correct items are ordered, please state the line number/article number that is shown to the left in the game list.

The lists on the homepage are updated now and then as the items are reserved. This is not 100% accurate and errors may exist.
All orders are served in the same order they arrive to the dealmaster. So... first in, first served... Thereby the excitement around the release time at 21.00 GMT+1 - the best picks often gets taken rather early.

It may also happen that Hiro gets a reservation in Japan before our order reaches him. Thereby all our orders are confirmed within a few days, before we pay any money, to make sure we get exactly what we pay for.

In the right column on the homepage, there is an area with freight prices. If you are from USA or EU (non-swedish) - click on the link in the bottom to get the EU and USA freight quote prices. If you are from Sweden - klick for the swedish costs.
This freight-quote is multiplied with the weight on the items you have ordered, to see the total freight cost (from Japan -> Sweden and from Sweden -> you, all costs included).
The weight on each game is found under the link "WEIGHTS" in the right menu. If the weight for an item is unknown, the dealmaster will make a guess, and if it differs on more than 20% up/down in the end, a priceadjustment may occur.

Please get help in the forums regarding game values and what cartridges fits different systems etc.

2. The partners list
When you have sent in your order, you are a participant / "partner" in the deal.
Your order will within short show up in the "PARTNERS" list on the homepage.
Here you can see what items you have ordered, freight cost, partner fee and the total cost for your order.
You can keep adding games in different mails/posts in the forums until the dealmaster, Johan, has closed the deal (usually within a week).

Please note you may not remove ordered games!
This is because Hiro will reserve and pack our items in parcels as the deal progress.
If we were to allow changes/removement of games, the packing and administration costs would rise, and Hiro has this condition for doing business with us to make it easy and non timeconsuming for him.
So... before you order, be sure of what and why. And if something changes in your need during deal time - please try to sell items on your hand. Don´t ask me to change orders already placed. Thanks!!

Please check the "PARTNERS" list now and then. Here you will find updated information about your order. What´s happening, where are the items and check your current payment status.

3. Time to pay
Somewhere around the end of month, it is usually time to pay. Normally within around 1 week after the deal is closed.
You decide weither to pay in SEK, EUR or USD and you will do this directly to my bank account.
Please make sure NOT to split bank costs (non EU issue, only). Bank costs shall be paid by the sender - you. Thanks!!
(Sending money between EU countries is free since some time back)
Don't forget to add 5% on the total sum, if you choose to pay via Paypal (due to their costs for me).

When all payments are received from the partners, the items are shipped from Japan to Sweden.
In Sweden, all items are tested one more time. All games are plugged in and tested manually to make sure they work ok.

The total time between all payments are received until you have your ordered games in your hand is usually around 1-3 weeks, depending on where you live and how smooth all goes.

I will of course answer all your questions around Japandeal, but please try to check what you order, before you order. Learn a bit around the differet game systems. There is loads of information on the internet if you search some.

- Deeper insight -

To do business with Japan, we need to follow a few certain rules and conditions.
One important thing is the issue that ordered items can not be removed.
The reason is, once again, that the orders are packed as we reserve the items. Your ordered items can be anywhere in the packages, somewhere, and Hiro in Japan has no clue who has ordered each single item - only the total.
So... please be sure before you order. Ask questions before order is placed, thanks!

None of these items are sold in any webshop, non items are held in stock in Sweden and none items are being auctioned. What you see is what is available.

The idea with Japandeal is to get together and buy cheap games from Japan in a well organized and comfortable way.

All games are original (non bootlegs) if not other stated. However, we can not take the time to open cartridges etc to confirm that all is orginal, and thereby we can not guarantee this part for 100%, but we have to trust the supplier and if error occors, Hiro will exchange or refund such items.

Have fun and good luck in the hunt of the game jewels!!

- My game won't start -

I am happy to offer limited technical help, but because our hobby requires a certain amount of knowledge about electricity and electronics, a loose capacitor or a ripped off component pin does not count as a defect.
These are things easilly fixed with a soldering pen and some patience. I assume that partners in the Japandeal own a soldering pen, a Volt/Ohm-meter, and know how to use them. Internet is a good place to learn how arcade games work, and Farnell is a great international source for needfull things.
I always test the mainboards and game pcb:s that come in the cartons from Japan, so does Hiro, but sometimes there are defective items ofcourse, either due to the EMS handling or possible ESD. If a game for some reason should be defective (and by 'defective' I mean *damaged*, NOT simply a loose capacitor, loose eproms, or compatibillity issue with your monitor, power supply, or dead battery (CPS1,2 carts.)), then I can ofcourse send the game back and get another. Partner must return the defective item to me a.s.a.p., no later than three weeks, so that I can confirm the defect and ask Hiro for a replacement.
Please also keep in mind that shipping heavy weight units and items easier to damage in freight, like the Type-X system or similiar, is greater risk for shipping damages.
Hiro or I can not be held responsible for whatever damages the EMS freight carriers might cause (you should file such complaints directly to the freight company).

- Addon-items, marquees & promo-items -

There's not always a flyer, marquee, instruction leaflets to come with your game.
These are not new "kits", but second hand, used PCBs and carts from various arcades and amusement centres in Tokyo, unless otherwise specified.
Sometimes there may be promotional material or instructions etc. included, then mostly in japanese language.